Weak Speaking Voice Problems, Reasons and Causes

You may notice that some days you wake up in the morning to find a nice deep, chesty timber in your voice. You may have also had the experience of that same comfortable, quality sound completely disappear by 10 am and the voice becomes weak or even squeaky.

This happens to millions of men and the reasons are various. Many men would do almost anything to get that crisp, deep voice on a consistent and reliable basis. The quality of a nice deep voice timber is highly valued in society. How many times have we heard a woman say “his voice made me melt”

There is a disposition in people, especially in women, to like and instantly trust a guy with a deep clear crisp voice. That’s why rock stars make millions of dollars, their voice. But even in the most mundane of situations, a deep crisp voice will often make circumstances more positive and desirable when the mans voice is deep and resonant all the time.

A deep crisp voice exudes a certain level of confidence and losing that voice, most often, most men report a drop in confidence too…or is it the other way around. Could it be that a social circumstance makes you uncontrollably nervous, so much so that your confidence level drops? There are many factors that contribute to voice problems, everything from diet, lack of hormones (testosterone) psychological reaction, even the possibility that habit has made you tense the larynx creating ongoing tension. This is the case for many men that experience the phenomenon of a deep crisp voice in the morning but lose it over the course of the day. The muscle is stressed as the day wears on.

Source by Mike London

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