Do Easy Brain Pushups and Improve Mental Stamina

One of the reasons why some people are afraid to do brain push-ups and dramatically improve their mental stamina is because they find the solutions presented as tasking, boring, or just plainly time-consuming.

Sometimes, methods to enhance memory functioning can really be all that bad, but certainly there are also other brain memory boosting strategies that are easy, fun, and at the same time are definite quick-fixes!

Try some of them today and feel your mental stamina improve!

1. Mind your posture. Memory function has a lot to do with the setting through which you are trying to do your studying. Studies show that brain push-ups do better when you are assuming a proper, relaxed posture. Try memorizing a series of ten numbers while slouching for two minutes, then recite what you actually retained. Now choose a different set of numbers, sit properly, and memorize. Notice that when you recite for the second time, you actually soak more than the former. It is because sitting properly alerts your mind and signals it for work, whereas a slouching posture stimulates your brain for relaxation, giving it no room when you are trying to build mental stamina and enhance memory function.

2. Get the sugar rush. Doing brain push-ups for a memory training course would be futile unless your body is fueled enough for it. When you are not nourished right, your brain would definitely be ill-equipped to process your mental training. In the middle of working, you might find yourself waning and going slow. Have a quick-fix by popping a doughnut or a candy. The sugar in it would provide an instant boost for your brain, helping you to perform better – be it solving, memorizing, or speed reading.

3. Sing it! If you are the type to have a leaning towards auditory memory, this definitely is for you. When you sing what you are trying to memorize or learn, you will be surprised to find that it sticks easily when you sing it. That is because you are actually using a greater part of your brain than simply reading it.

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